Smart meters heading to Randburg, Midrand and the inner city

In the next two weeks, from the 10 to 23 September, City Power will be rolling out a meter installation project in regions A, B and F.

This includes Randburg, the inner city and Midrand.

City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, said faulty, inaccessible, displaced and unaccounted meters will be removed and replaced with automated and semi-automated meters.

“The main purpose of the rollout is to upgrade and consolidate metering data to ensure maximum accountability pertaining to functionality, performance and vending of meters on site,” he said.

City Power is to benefit by maximising revenue collection, addressing billing queries, eliminating illegal connections and enable the tracking of meters from stores to sites.

“Customers will also be able to manage their own consumption,” Mangena said.

The utility also warned residents not to allow any person, technician or contractor onto their property without first verifying their credentials.

City Power ID cards can be verified with City Power’s security risk control unit on 011 490 7911, 011 490 7553, 011 490 7900 or by contacting the metering call centre at 011 490 7484.

“City Power employees and contractors will have a City Power ID card. The card will be colour coded for specific sections within City Power. The card will display a photo of the specific employee or contractor carrying a card, their name, identification number and expiry date. A hologram of a firefly appears on the card as well.”

If a resident is not at home when contractors or employees seek access for meter installation, they can contact the metering call centre to make arrangements for visits outside office hours or over the weekend.

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