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National Pet Day 11th April

The 4Paws Animal Shelter Wish List

4Paws animal shelter needs your help!

4Paws Animal Shelter is a non-profit organisation in Johannesburg. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of abused and abandoned animals.

Cats and dogs that end up at 4Paws undergo rehabilitation and re-socialisation through various activities managed by the shelter’s staff.

Because of the immense work required to maintain the shelter and the animals, and the driving distances undertaken by the staff through various townships, the resources of the shelter have dwindled fast and it is in dire need of sponsorships and donations.

Contact Tammy on 083 377 3219 or visit the website at

These needs are a priority:

  • A vehicle to transport animals or a sponsorship for vehicle maintenance
  • Second-hand, good quality home, garden or office items for resale
  • Blankets and baskets for dogs and cats
  • Metal baths to bath the dogs
  • A regular donation by means of a monthly debit order either for a sponsored pet, our hard-working vet, or directly to the shelter

Volunteers any weekday or weekend. Warriors are welcome.

These needs are ongoing and always needed:

  • Any cash donations are welcome
  • Building materials such as:
  • Bricks
  • Shadenet
  • Cement
  • Wire
  • Chicken mesh
  • Food for the animals (soft and dry)
  • Blankets and baskets for dogs and cats
  • Cat litter
  • Leashes and harnesses for the dogs’ daily walks and visits to the vet.
  • Sponsorships for :
  • Individual pets
  • All pets
  • Building
  • Veterinary bills
  • Shelter maintenance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Books for book sales.

Five ways to keep your cat fit and healthy.

Keeping your dog exercised is pretty straight forward, but how do you keep your cat fit and healthy when you can’t just put it in a leash and go for a leisurely stroll?

Cats love to wrestle even into old age.

Keeping our feline friends active and stimulated is important – not only from a physical standpoint but for their mental health as well. Playing with our cats keeps them stimulated and prevents them from becoming depressed. Here are just a few easy ways to keep your cats in shape and happy.

  1. Cat Tower- There are multi-tiered “cat towers” that are a great way to ensure that your cat will have plenty of places to play and areas to climb around for a good workout while you are out.
  2. Feather Teaser- These wand-like or fishing pole-like toys are not only great for exercise but great for unleashing the hunter in your cat. You can up the intensity by running the toy over obstacles in your house such as couches and countertops.
  3. Exercise buddy- Cats love wrestling and chasing each other, which alone allows your cats plenty of exercises so be sure to adopt your cats in pairs or get your kitten a buddy as soon as possible.
  4. Lasers- A good laugh for yourself and great exercise for your cat use a simple red laser to get your cat moving. Be sure to give your cat a follow-up toy to catch, to avoid frustration over never being able to catch the laser.
  5. Household toys- Use any small items such as tennis balls or string to play with your cat. Cats love getting short bursts of playtime exercise keeping them stimulated and happy.

Best apps for South African pet lovers

From pet-friendly restaurants to nearby vets here are the best apps to have as a South African pet owner.


The DoggyDo app helps South African dog owners find dog-friendly restaurants, parks, shops, accommodation, events, puppy training, trails, vets, animal shelters and more. DoggyDo’s listings grow daily, making it the biggest & best dog-friendly app listing in the country.

DoggyDo can be downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store.


Developed for South African pet owners Pet360 provides users with the latest pet-related events, pet care and veterinary information and much more. It even features a geo-location search engine for veterinary practices and other pet services

Pet360 can be downloaded on Android or Apple.


This is the perfect app to train your pets and teach them new tricks. Puppr includes step-by-step photo instructions and includes a built-in clicker to help teach your dog tricks from basic obedience like sit and stay, to advanced tricks like, fetch leash, and jump rope.

Puppr can be downloaded on the Play Store.

Grooming your pets

All pets need routine grooming, here are the basic grooming essentials for your pet.

Have you ever wondered how often you should be cleaning your pets? Pets need to be groomed not as often as every day but at least once every week.

Grooming your pet is an important part of pet ownership as it will helps your cuddle buddy keep healthy, clean and always looking their best.

Some grooming techniques include:

– Brushing hair

– Bathing

– Trimming nails

– Haircuts

– Ear Care

– Eye Care

– Brushing teeth

Brushing your pet’s hair and bathing them should be done weekly, the other essential grooming habits should not be as often, but should be regular.

Depending on the size of your pet, brushing their hair can be more frequent as every second day.

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when grooming your pet:

– Be conscious of the sensitivity of their ears when cleaning,

– Brushing their teeth and

– Trimming their nails.

Dog’s ears are incredibly prone to infections as they are home to a lot of bacteria that may infect wounds if not properly cleaned. The longer your pet’s ears are the more chance of them being infected with bacteria.

In most cases, ear problems can occur as result of an allergy that your pet has. Be very gentle when cleaning and patting their ears dry.

You should brush your pooch’s or cat’s teeth at least once a week using a standard toothbrush.

This activity can be quite tricky if your pet has some gnarly choppers so be careful and make your pet feel comfortable through routine behaviour and positive conditioning.

Avoid using your own toothpaste as fluoride isn’t good for the pet’s digestive system. Your local veterinarian can provide you with the recommended toothpaste for your pet.

Finally, it is crucially important for dog owners to keep their dogs nails maintained and reasonably cut, as you wouldn’t want them cut too short a trip to the doggy parlour could be the safest way of getting this right.

You could also visit your vet and purchase the correct nail clipper suited to your pooch. The last thing you would want to see is your best buddy getting its nail stuck in some fabric and pulling the nail off completely.

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The benefits of pet adoption

Everyone dreams of raising a pet from when they are puppies or kittens, but pet adoption may prove even more worthwhile when choosing your first pet.

Most people, when they see puppies or kittens, go absolutely crazy for them and tend to choose pet stores over the local pet adoption centre. We can all agree that puppies and kittens are really cute and very hard to resist but sometimes it’s important to consider the abandoned and old, as they too can provide us with all the love and companionship a pet could possibly give.

4Paws is a great pet adoption centre that houses and trains abandoned and underprivileged pets. They are a non-profit organisation that uses all its donations for food and projects aimed at taking care of stray animals and neglected pets. 4Paws promotes the practice of pet adoption from dog shelters rather than the traditional pet stores as these businesses may support the running of negligent puppy mills.

These puppy mills use a single female host to birth numerous puppies over time to a point that leaves the female in a fatal state. This is just one of the awful reasons why 4Paws supports adopting a pet from an organisation such as themselves or the SPCA.

Here is why you should rather adopt a pet instead of buying one:

– Older pets can be easier to look after. These pets have already passed their cute infant stages and have been trained and socialised by the pet shelter

– Adopting a rescue dog that has had a rough life not only gives you the opportunity to introduce your pet to unconditional love and happiness but will provide you with the unconditional love and joy in return

– A pet with an old soul makes for the best companionship when working long hours in the evenings as a little cuddle or a patting every now and then between their napping is all they desire while keeping you company

– You save a life as pets that stay in the SPCA or other non-profit shelters for too long may end up being put down.

Turn your dog's growl into a smile with

these breath-freshening tips.

Curing bad dog breath

Mostly everyone loves receiving affection from their unconditionally loving dogs, but sometimes their bad breath can prove far too unbearable.

Every dog owner loves cuddling their dogs and keeping them close, but sometimes their bad breath can have us flaying our noses away in revulsion. Fret no further as we have gathered the best ways to freshen up your pooch’s breath.

Even though bad dog breath can be revolting, we have to admit that our innocent best friends are not at fault and will always deserve our boundless love as no matter how we treat them their love for us remains unconditional. So hold your breath no longer, grab a hold of your best friend and take a deep breath as here are the best ways to freshen up your pooch’s breath.

What causes bad breath in dogs?

Bad canine breath can be caused by a number of things but is most often caused by plaque and tartar buildup as well as dental and gum disease. If the bad breath has been persistent over a long period of time it could be a sign of more serious health problems in the pet.

How do you cure bad dog breath?

– Brush your dog’s teeth

Working up a routine to brushing your dog’s teeth daily is ideal, but this takes time. Firstly you should use a toothpaste specifically formulated for dogs as normal toothpaste can harm dogs. You should train your dog into the routine with treats and positive conditioning.

– Keep the toilet seat down

Get rid of toilet breath by adopting the habit of leaving the toilet seat down as a thirsty pooch is always going to go for the closest water source. The toilet water isn’t just potentially full of bacteria but may also contain cleaning chemicals that could hurt your pet. Dogs enjoy drinking cool and fresh running water, so provide them with a water fountain as an alternative.

– Add herbs to your dog’s meals

Sprinkling a bit of parsley over your dog’s meals will help sweeten his food as well as his breath. Parsley has also been proven to assist in your dog’s digestion and assist in its recovery from an illness.

There are plenty more ways in which you can tackle your dog’s bad breath but these three should sort out any basic bad breath issues. If your dog’s bad breath persists after you’ve tried these then we suggest a quick visit to your local veterinarian for a check-up.


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